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Chris Bruno: Fatherhood & Attachment

In this week's episode of Attachment Theory in Action, I welcome Chris Bruno of the Restoration Project for a conversation on fatherhood and attachment.

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Chris Bruno

Chris Bruno is the Co-Founder and CEO of Restoration Project and Founder and CEO of ReStory® Counseling, devoting his life to helping people come alive. He is the author of Sage: A Man's Guide Into His Second Passage, Man Maker Project: A Father's Guide to Initiating His Son to Manhood and Brotherhood Primer: A Journey Into Genuine Masculine Friendships, and a licensed professional counselor. He has decades of experience helping men recover their hearts.

After graduating from Northwestern University in 1995 with both a Bachelor's in Communication and a Master’s in Speech, he and his wife spent close to ten years as missionaries in the Middle East. Upon returning to the U.S., he completed a Master's in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, while also serving on staff at the seminary alongside Dan Allender as a facilitator and curator of restorative experiences.

Now living in Colorado, Chris leads two teams of story-sherpas: at Restoration Project, developing experiences and resources designed to "contend for men to reclaim who they are" specifically in the realms of fatherhood, brotherhood, and sonship; and at ReStory® Counseling with a story-informed team of therapists, spiritual directors, and Storywork counselors. Chris also offers ReStory® Intensives, 3-5 day experiences for individuals, couples, and groups.

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