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Glen Cooper & Deidre Quinlan: Circle of Security

In her inaugural episode as the new host of the Attachment Theory in Action podcast, Jenna Kelly sits down with Glen Cooper & Deidre Quinlan of Circle of Security International to discuss the development and application of the Circle of Security.

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Glen Cooper has been passionately involved in social services for almost forty years. Early in his career, Glen worked part time for many years so that he could participate in the day-to-day experience of parenting his foster children and later his own children. He considers this time of being home with children one of the joys of his life and a vital foundation for his clinical work. Glen has extensive training in family therapy, object relations, and attachment theory. Prior to his 27 years in private practice, Glen worked as a teacher and director of a preschool for low-income children, a therapist for sexually abused children and their families, and a consultant with Spokane Head Start - a role he had for over 25 years. National and international audiences rate Glen highly for his warmth, kindness, humor, and ability to present complex material in a manner that is engaging and accessible.

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Like many providers, learning about Circle of Security began a journey of self-discovery for Deidre Quinlan, who first studied COS in 2007 at the University of Minnesota Infant Mental Health Program. She continued to deepen her understanding of COS in both her personal and professional life journeys, including years of clinical supervision with the COS originators; in 2012, she started working for COSI on special projects, leading several including Fidelity Coaching model, Focus on Facilitators, and the COSP Classroom Approach. She’s currently at work on the Path to Secure Hands Professional Learning Series. Deidre provides international training, clinical supervision, coaching, and consultation with professionals around the world. A licensed clinical social worker and MN endorsed Infant Mental Health Specialist, Deidre is particularly interested in resilience and the ability of the developing person to persevere and overcome childhood risks and adversities.

Listen Now:

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